Services a Homeowner's Service Company

Homeowner’s Service Company ensures the property is well-maintained

General Duties, Responsibilities and Activities

Process resale certificates for changes of property ownership

Dealing with association attorney on legal matters

Working with the title companies and mortgage companies for refinancing and sales

Ensuring the property is well-maintained

Securing proper coverage for the association such as general liability, umbrella and directors’ and officer ‘ insurance

Contacting and meeting with contractors to discuss work for the association and monitoring the work, whether on a regular basis, or as-needed c Supporting and expecting proper etiquette, professionalism and conduct in all matters with the board of directors and association

Work as an integral member with the board of directors and association

Provide guidance and assistance in reviewing and amending association governing documents

Taking direction from the board of directors through a designated member of the board

Daily Activities Monthly Activities Annual Activities
Run daily operations for homeownersCollect and process assessments

Make bank deposits

Be available to owners to resolve issues and answer questions

Pay bills, vendors and contractorsManage member accounts

Handle delinquent accounts

Drive the property to monitor violations and oversee maintenance issues

Complete end-of-month reports and balance the accounts with bank statements

Provide monthly reports to board of directors

Preparation and mailing of newsletters to owners and renters

Preparation of association budgetPreparing for and holding of annual, special or board of directors meetings

Preparation for annual tax returns, audits and evaluations

Preparation of annual packets for owners

Compilation of a directory of owners as requested by the association on a yearly basis

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 780428, San Antonio, TX 78278 - Business Phone (210) 492-7264 Fax: (210) 492-6321