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Please contact Homeowner’s Service Company for a quote for your subdivision, condominium or town home association at (210) 492-7264, fax (210) 492-6321.  Please the our form to email us

Homeowners ServiceWe enforce the Articles of Incorporation (Certificate of Formation), By-Laws and Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, and rules and regulations designed for your subdivision. We do this by driving to your property once a month unless other arrangements are made. We communicate by postal letter, writing only to the owners that are in violation of the governing documents. It is a very delicate issue, but when carefully worded, the problem can be rectified. Often, letters of compliment are sent to homeowners.

We work closely with the board members and one designated contact person. Usually, it’s the president or vice president if the president is absent. We ask that all committee members deal with the board members or their designated contact person to make sure communication is being relayed correctly so that the committees can go out and do their volunteer work for the subdivision, schedule the parties or whatever their committee grants.

Our accounting department prepares monthly financials for the board to review. The financial report includes a balance sheet which reflects the monies that are in the checking and / or savings accounts.  We include on the next sheet the revenue and expenses which reflect the monthly breakdown of the expenses by line items that subtract from the budget designed exclusively for your subdivision. We include the income-detail report and also give the board members a copy of the member balance sheet which reflects if an owner has paid in advance and those who may currently be delinquent.

Homeowner's Pool AreaWe understand the monies in the bank are the funds that belong to the association, but we are responsible for paying the bills and feel it is our fiduciary duty to inform the board members if their spending or expenses incurred are not allocated in the present budget.  Then, once a year, the files are sent to an outside CPA to review our records and, depending on the governing documents, they may do an audit, review or compilation. At the same time, they will prepare the Income Tax Return Form.  The board members are ultimately responsible for the association’s financial affairs.

Due to our many years of experience in management, real estate and association management, we have the ability to resolute problems, answer questions and make suggestions to the owners as well as the board members, all in a professional manner.

We take an active role in risk management. We hire only professional contractors to provide services for your subdivision. We ensure each contracting company has proof of liability insurance. We cannot take the risk of someone getting injured or property being damaged by someone without liability insurance coverage. We make sure you have enough insurance coverage for the common areas and the board of directors.

We supervise the common area, get bids for work to Homeowner's Service Companybe done if needed and present the bids for the board to review and approve. Once the bid has been approved, we ask that the management company be the contact person and not the board members or a homeowner.  We stay in contact with our regular contractors to make sure the work the association is paging for is being carried out as per the contract and that they are not cutting short the work that needs to be detailed.

We look forward to annual meeting s and election of board members: not just to bring new members to serve a term, but to take this opportunity to make a fun party so that all residents get involved and know why their money is being collected and where their money is being spent. This get-together allows the owners to voice their concerns and wishes for the future of their community.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 780428, San Antonio, TX 78278 - Business Phone (210) 492-7264 Fax: (210) 492-6321