Our Staff

Gerry Yost-Wilkerson

Experience selling, customer service and public relations since 1973.

Worked in real estate management and condominium rentals, since 1973.

Administrative assistant to a group of developers for one the largest and most profitable elaborate subdivisions and country clubs in the San Antonio area: worked as a crisis manager and liaison between the homeowner’s association and the developers, end was the special events coordinator since 1973.

Managed and supervised apartment complexes and became a regional manager responsible for staff, occupancy, marketing, and coordinating different facets of construction in building and rebuilding in the apartment industry in San Antonio and the Austin area, as well as managing the apartment complexes: taught classes to the San Antonio Apartment Association since 1989.

Prepared evaluation, comparative studies and market analysis for developers before they picked an area  to build a complex and did property inspection for the owners or management companies – served on the Property Management committee for  San Antonio Board of Realtors and taught other realtors about the purpose and importance of homeowner’s associations since 1995.

Hired by other companies to evaluate their staff interactions with the public on customer service: reviewed marketing ideas and troubleshot when needed, provided managers or owners feedback on telephone etiquette, staff appearance, demeanor,  service and product knowledge, comparative studies, market  analysis and overview of findings to enhance customer service, and gave unbiased opinions of findings.

Secret shopping and merchandising are also a part of the services performed for retail, apartment complexes, restaurants, food chains, hotels, and other types of businesses since 1996.

Worked with and. managed more than 2,500 homes in numerous subdivisions: had daily interactions with developers, realtors, contractors and vendors, held monthly and annual meetings and prepared budgets, oversaw construction projects and handled special projects for the board of directors, enforcement of rules and regulations set by the restrictive covenants, and oversaw all aspects of maintaining the subdivisions since 1998.

Decided to put all my combined experiences and knowledge to work and started my own companies in 1995, so that I could give my clients and associations the customer service they deserve: thus started Property Inspections, Axis Realty Advisors, Service Critique, and Homeowner’s Service Company

At Homeowner’s Service Company, we have a staff experienced in many fields to handle any type of real estate and daily operations of the company.

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