Homeowner's ServiceWhen we joined Community Association Institute (CAI), we knew we would belong to an organization that continually adds to the education and resources of topics that pertain to Homeowner’s Associations. ┬áTopic examples include legal matters, advice from other managers who have experienced similar issues, and some of the latest techniques used.

We may want to suggest to our board members to consider implementing new ideas or techniques to get the best results for the subdivisions that we manage.

We have the ability to purchase books and read exclusively on topics that were designed for subdivision and condominium management as well as daily problems or concerns that need to be addressed or solved. We can enroll in classes that bring us up-to-date on daily changes that the laws enforce on subdivision managing.

We meet monthly and have speakers educate the group of managers, builders, developers or anyone that belongs to the institute on matters such as enforcing the governing documents, rules and regulations enforcement, implementing fines, water restrictions and conservation, and new pool rules regulated by the state. This educational experience also gives us an opportunity for a question-and-answer period.

Once a year, we have an annual show that give contractors and vendors a chance to have a display booth and provide useful information about their companies that we could add to our database and possibly use in the subdivisions we manage. These business professionals are trained in their area of expertise.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 780428, San Antonio, TX 78278 - Business Phone (210) 492-7264 Fax: (210) 492-6321