About Us

Being a licensed realtor in the state of Texas since 1995 is an added plus in noticing the curb appeal for the entrance and the common area. After so many years of taking people around to purchase or rent, you wish everyone kept their houses and yards in immaculate condition.

As a realtor and as an association manager, I definitely want to make sure all the homes are occupied at all times: not only to collect the assessments that are used to maintain the property, but to make sure the owners do not have a vacant house next door.

We notice if, the irrigation system is not working properly.  We notice if plants or trees are not getting enough water or if they are diseased.  We notice lights that are out at the entrance and common areas, and if the recreation area has been cleaned as scheduled and pool maintained.   We notice if someone left their garbage receptacle out for days after it should have been stored away from the view of the street.

There are so many things we notice when we drive the properties or walk the area to enforce the governing documents. Homeowners do not always appreciate a letter from us, but we state that we want to make sure they know they signed a-document stating that when they chose to move into a mandatory homeowner’s association, they also agreed to follow the rules.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 780428, San Antonio, TX 78278 - Business Phone (210) 492-7264 Fax: (210) 492-6321